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Nerdy Car Accessories

In this world, every person has their own unique and different choice. Some people like trending things and some go out of the trend. The choice of a person depends on individual personality. Your own things such as a house, room, car define your choice and personality. So we can’t judge people for their choices. Right!

But here we are…..

So when we are talking about car accessories then it also depends on every individual personal choice. There is no problem to reveal your choice in public which might be nerdy for other people. 

Here some of the nerdy car accessories that we are going to talk now:

Eject Button

I guess you are wondering, “what is this?” So let me tell you this button actually exists. By using this button not in real life but in an imaginary way you can feel the experience of ejecting yourself. There are people in this world who actually using this in fascination.

Starry Atmosphere lights

Star in the sky is the most amazing and overwhelmed thing that we have. But imagine one, that your car is full of star lights and the lights are changing from time to time. You can enjoy this mesmerizing view by using a small size projector that needs a USB connection, that’s it.

Car gap organizer

If you are in a car and you want to place a phone in a safe zone then you can attach this in-car gap organizer. In this car gap organizer, you can store multiple things like coins, credit/debit cards, etc. It can fit easily and also comes with two USB hubs, what else you want!!!

Toy Headrest Pillow

We can use the different toys for our car interior to look good which can be soft or hard. During free time you can play with your headrest pillow and if you are a person who loves to talk with toys then this thing you can do with it.

Totoro Seat Belt Covers

Are you a fan of Totoro? Then these seat belts are definitely for you! When it comes to safety the first thing that comes in our mind i.e. seat belts. You can give different look to your regular seat belt by attaching the Totoro seat belt cover.  

What’s on your list?

5 Nicest Car Interiors

Whenever we think about purchasing a new car then we need to look at every single thing and then decide, I want to purchase this type of car with this type of feature. Car features may include car engines, safety, reversing sensors, cameras and so on. But now in the presentable world, every person cares about the look of the car whether it is outside or the insight of the car.

If we talk about today’s situation then the car interior is one of the most important things that people want to modify. Many car owners buy a car with high fuel, safety, but now it is very important to buy a car with a great interior. In the end, you will be inside the car!!!

There are different cars available in the market with the amazing interior, have a look:

Mercedes s-class interior

Dream Car! When we hear the name of this car the entire interior comes in front of our eyes. Mercedes s-class interior is the talk of the town. Have you seen the big screen center console??? It’s amazing! It takes complete. Revised models of this car always come with surprise! Its interior features are digital and driver-friendly. What else do you want???

Rolls Royce Phantom

To buy this car you need to give your background details to the company. So just think, how costly it is! The interior of this car is beyond imagination. Once you enter this car you will feel that you are in heaven. This car’s interior provides comfort, an awesome environment, and freshens up the mood.

Pagani Huayra

Pagani’s name is taken from its own manufacturing company. It is an Italian manufacturer company. Every component of Huayra is uniquely made with perfect shape and size. The driver seat is totally unique compared to other cars. Even the pedals of this car are easily recognizable. Want to set your interior mood?? Use customized LEDs. 

Mansory Bentley GT

Inside the Mansory, you will feel like you are in a totally new world. It comes with exceptional Nappa leather, roof in special Ultrasuede, extraordinary roof design, and bright door sill protectors. 

Spyker C8

Welcome to your second home. It uses excellent Hulshof leather and aluminum. The use of plastic is almost reduced to zero. Its interior is also known as a cockpit due to the airy and free atmosphere. 

Choose your interior car and share your experience with us.

Top 3 Aftermarket Suspension Brands

When a car rolls off the assembly line, it is likely that its suspension is more tuned for comfort than performance. Some of the vehicles give you an energetic driving experience. For giving these experience manufacturing companies take a leave so that they can provide you new updates. Ideal up-gradation comes with the number of plus points in terms of performance and safety.

Every car owner cannot have an idea about the suspension. They will have the first question – how is it going to work? As it is actually a complex one. Fortunately, large aftermarket companies allow full kit for upgrading a suspension without searching for separate parts. With the use of a perfect kit, you can upgrade your car suspension and this will save your money and time.

Bilstein Shocks Kits

The best and well-known suspension manufacture is Bilstein. If you are searching for a replacement shocks Bilstein will give you the best assortment with the best price. Depending on your budget, Bilstein offers more affordable shocks that are intended to be direct OE replacements. It has a high-performance option and a lifelong warranty.

Detroit Axle Complete Suspension kits

Detroit Axle comes with complete suspension kits that cover all upper and lower arms, tie rods, ball joints, etc. Detroit Axle company products mainly target the other suspension components which normally ignored by other companies. Purchasing Detroit Axle is a very good decision because you are purchasing a quality product at a very low cost and you are getting a 10-year warranty.

Yitamotor Lift and Levelling Kits

If you want to buy a cheap lift and a kit that is equalized then the Yitamotor brand has products for most of the cars like Chevrolet, Nissan Armada and so on. 2 to 3 is the fixed range of the lift which totally depends on the application and this will give a very aggressive look to your truck as well as to your car. It also comes up with the fender clearance for the extra-large wheel. This kit maintains all driving specifications like steering quality. Yitamotor gives 2 years warranty on their product to their customers with a full money-back guarantee.

These are the top 3 aftermarket suspension brands that provide you complete kit without going anywhere else. These are my top 3 suggestions, if you have other suggestions then let us know in the comment section.

Types of Window Tint

Types of Window Tint

Windows tint is mostly related to vehicles. To protect from daylight and dangerous UV rays we use one film on the window is known as Window Tint. This protects our vehicle window from dangerous shining lights. This tint is not only useful in the vehicle but also used in the building’s window.

Applying tinting to cars, it is directly related to the driver’s comfort when he drives the vehicle. For safety purposes, every owner gets a tint to the window for their vehicle. One of the most important reasons for tinting is privacy.

If the idea of car tinting is in your mind then you should be aware of its benefits i.e. it balances the inside temperature of the vehicle, it is also a good choice for privacy and security to your vehicle. Depending on your budget you can decide your tinting degree of darkness. 

There are different types of tinting available in the market:

Hybrid Window Tint

Hybrid Window Tinting is the best as it has a protective shield of strong material i.e. adhesive and hard coat. As a result, you will get the long-time durability and effective UV blocking qualities. It adds a natural look to your window.

Dyed Window Tint

Usually, window tint prefers by most of the people. It does not only seal the half percent of the daylight but also absorbs complete heat into the glass. The dyed window is made up of polyester film material which makes it very effective and non-reflective.

Ceramic Tinting Tint

Ceramic and metalized tint both are almost the same. But only one difference i.e. ceramic film uses non-conductive ceramic particles as the metalized film uses metal particles. During the maximum visibility ceramic block up to half solar heat during the day as well as in the night. Its cost is too high but still, it is worthy as compared to other tinting options.

Metalized Window Tint

It is made up of several protective shields that have the ability to reflect 40% of sunlight and prevent your window from extra heat. In danger, the metal particles play the role of safeguard and it protects you from broken glass. Due to the metal used in it, there is a possibility of interfering with the GPS signal, mobile signal, etc. 

Carbon tinting film

Carbon Tinting won’t fade away and it is the darker film than any other film. It does not hold any metal material so there is no need to worry about radio interference. Carbon Tinting is very expensive and has a very long life.

Coolest License Plate Frames

Are you still having the boring and the same license plate frame? When we buy the vehicle they provide the boring plate frame without taking any extra effort to give a more presentable look to that frame. A good or attractive and high-quality plate frame will give the best look to your car. The high-quality material can protect your frame from getting dusty.

There are many companies work on designing a plate frame. They bring new ideas and creativity in the plate frame to give it a unique look. What are you waiting for??? Get your coolest license plate frame now!!!

Here are the coolest options to go for:

SunplusTrade Stainless Steel License Plate Frame

This plate frame is a combination of two materials i.e. stainless steel which protects from corrosion and chrome finishing. The design of this plate frame is very slim and it does not obstruct the state tags which is a very important part of the license plate frame. You will get two plates with screw caps, machine screws, and screwdrivers. With the help of this kit, you can easily install and uninstall it.

Ohuhu Matte Aluminum License Plate Frame

This plate frame has come with a black matte finish which looks amazing. This plate frame also follows the rules of the state as it is specially designed for the US plates. Its design is slim with easy installation. At the production stage, it is made up of high-quality aluminum, as a result, it is rust free. Two license plate frames, screw caps, spacers, and washers you will get with it.

DFDM National Stainless Steel License Plate Frame

It is made up of stainless steel and available at an affordable price in the market. It comes in a simple design but gives a more stylish look. And the best feature that it comes in a different color. It has a clear and sleek finish which gives a stylish look to your car.

The Importance of Paint Protection Films

No matter what type of car you drive, it is certain that you care about how it looks. Sadly, the sand, bug splatter, pebbles, rocks and road debris that your car face on your daily drive don’t care about this at all. If you offer them sufficient time, they’ll do quite a good job on your vehicle’s paint. Fortunately, the owners who are serious about protecting their cars’ paint have some cost-effective options at their disposal.The best way to protect the paint of your vehicle is installing paint protection film. It is a clear, thin and transparent thermoplastic urethane that is applied on various portion of the vehicle in order to give strong and effective paint protection to the vehicle against the damages that are often caused by sands, gravels, small rocks, stone chips, road debris and all. There are various types of paint protection film that car owners can look for if they want to maintain the value of their vehicle for several years. One such film includes Clear Bra paint protection film.

How Does Paint Protection Film Work?

The Atlanta Paint protection film, also called the “Clear Bra” is a clear, high-gloss thermoplastic urethane film, used to protect your car from scratches, chips, road debris and, other elements by being applied to the paint on new or used vehicles. Presently, it is being used on other vehicles such as RV’s, boats, planes, motorcycles, and ATV’s. You can also notice it on mobiles, screens, and other electronic devices. Clear Bra Film comes with an ultra-violet inhibitor to prevent any yellowing of the surface, because of sun exposure.

What’s in a PPF?

Atlanta Paint protection film is the most popular and affordable solutions for preventing paint scratches. Not all automotive paint protection brands are created equal. Since every car enthusiast has a slightly different approach to the subject, it’s significant to note that the protection film offers some of these most significant benefits:


1. Matchless durability that keeps your car looking like new for many years to come
2. Paint protection film (PPF) provides chemical resistance to corrosive agents and solvents
3. A nationwide warranty that protects your film no matter what the condition
4. Self-healing technology that automatically repairs minor scratches and scrapes over the time
5. As it is invisible, it won’t change or modify the original design and color of your car

How to Reduce Scratches and Dings?

Of course, paint protection film isn’t the only option to ensure that your car remains scratch resistant for a long period of time. These consist of:

1. Do not attach foreign objects to your vehicle
2. Park away from heavy foot or vehicle traffic
3. Use touch-up paint when you see the first sign of a scratch

It’s also crucial to note that cleaning and proper maintenance are vital for any serious car owner. Taking time out of your day to visit the car wash each week can go a long way towards preserving the vehicle value.


While it might include some high-tech films, keeping your car looking like new isn’t exactly rocket science. There is a range of paint protection films that fight off those horrible scratches and preserve your car’s value long after similar models start looking their age. Look into paint protection film today to raise your car value.

Repairing Windshield Cracks and Chips

If you have a growing crack or chip in your windshield, you probably know it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Your choices are to replace the whole windshield, repair the crack or chip, or do nothing.

Replacing your whole windshield is an option. However it will likely cost you quite a bit of money. Unless you have tons of extra money lying around this would not be a solution for you. Even if you do there are other things to consider. Replacing the entire windshield will take more time as well. So unless you really have to replace the whole windshield you should try to get it repaired.

There are several different ways a windshield can be repaired, take the next few minutes to learn about each technique.


Let’s start with the DIY windshield repair technique that can be done at home. Most auto parts stores sell one or more DIY windshield repair kits. Each kit comes with a glass removal tool (often a razor blade), a suction or stabilizing device, a resin that is injected into the crack or chip and a sheet or two of curing film. The first step is to be sure the area you will be repairing is completely clean, then you can use the tool supplied in the kit or a small razor blade to remove any loose or semi-loose glass particles. This step is very important as any loose pieces will prevent the resin from making a clean and clear seal in the glass.


After removing any particles, you can then attach the suction or stabilizing device so that the opening is centred directly over the chip or crack. Then you will screw in a tube in the opening of the suction or stabilizing device. This is where you will next inject or drop in the sealing resin. The next step is to screw the tube in until it puts pressure on the glass. Some kits come with a plunger device for this purpose. The plunger or tube is released and pressed against the glass several times to remove any air bubbles. Lastly a sheet of curing film is placed over the fixed area for about 15 minutes. Then the film can be removed and the area wiped clean. If done correctly it should be very hard to tell where the chip or crack was.

There are other types of windshield repair kits that work like a vacuum as you push resin into the crack or chip, but these methods seem to make it a bit trickier to get the sealant or resin exactly where you want it. However, it is all about your comfort level and experience with glass repair that can help you determine which version of the product to use.

Professional windshield repair techs use a similar technique but it differs by the equipment used, not to mention their experience repairing windshields. Most windshield repair techs use a professional machine that injects the resin into the cracks or chips while keeping the surrounding glass pressured to create a tight seal. After the resin is injected a professional grade mylar, similar to the curing sheets in the DIY kits, is applied to the crack or chip. The windshield repair tech will then usually apply a high powered ultra-violet light directly to the area being repaired. This is done to fully cure the sealant or resin.

There is also a professional vacuum method similar to the DIY vacuum method, but in a glass or auto repair shop the technician would use a special machine designed for windshield repair. This small machine actually both draws air out from the cracks and compresses the glass together and at the same time it injects a resin to bond the broken glass together. Just as in the other technique, a ray of ultraviolet light is applied to the repair to fully bond it, creating a smooth and clear finish.

In the event the windshield needs to be replaced, your best bet is to have a professional do it. The window tech first first uses a special tool to remove the moulding from around the glass. The next step is to remove the damaged windshield. Windshield repair techs have a special suction device that grabs onto the glass and makes it easy to remove as all they have to do is pull the handle of the suction device, and out comes the windshield. Next the tech applies a primer to the outer edge of the glass and then applies a strong Urethane adhesive to the edge of the glass and the vehicle frame where the glass rests against. Lastly the tech reattaches or replaces the moulding and reattaches the windshield wipers. The vehicle will be safe to drive about an hour after replacement.

Wheel Care & Protective Coatings

Forging and casting are two very important terms used in the automotive car rims and in the car wheel manufacturing industry. Both forged and cast are the terms used to describe the manufacturing process of wheels. Both cast and forged wheels are made of aluminium but, the method of wheel manufacturing is different! The differentiating factors between the two types is really how the wheels are built. In this article we will be covering the differences between the different types.

Cast wheel vs forge wheel


In the process of casting molten aluminium is poured into a mold by using a vacuum. It is a characteristic of aluminium that if it adopts the shape of the mold in which it has been poured in molten form. In the process of casting, a desired shape of the wheel can be obtained. After pouring the aluminium in the mold it is allowed to cool and after cooling, minor modification can be made in shape if required. Drilling and trimming are common changes that are being made in the final outlook of the wheel. This process of wheel manufacturing is relatively easy and less expensive. The process of solidifying the molten aluminium makes the metal inconsistent due to oxidation, cracking and reduces the integrity of the wheel.


On the other hand, during the forging process solid aluminium (not molten) is used. This solid piece of aluminium is called as billets. Billet pieces are allowed to heat up by putting on heat and an intense hydraulic pressure is applied to form the wheel rims. These wheel rims are then configured into different profiles to make different designs in the final shape of the wheel by using lathes. The raw forging that is formed by the application of heat and pressure is the actual form of aluminium that is used to give any desired shape to the raw forging.

Forged wheels

Although the process of forging is hard and requires great tolerance of the manufacturers, but it is best to obtain the structural integrity of the wheel and to obtain high performance of the wheel. Forging is a costly process of wheel manufacturing, but it gives more benefits to the consumer

The compatibility and structure of the solid aluminium is by all means good as compared to the liquid aluminium that is used in the formation of the cast wheel. The application of pressure during forge wheels manufacturing makes them 3 three superior in performance as compared to the cast wheel.

Forge wheels are 25 to 30% lighter in weight than cast wheels and lighter wheels are highly demanded. The light weight of the forge wheels leads to better fuel efficiency by providing the longer brake system to the car. Forge wheels are durable, consistent and ensures the safe drive. The shape that is acquired after a hard process is fine, durable, less resistant to oxidation and corrosion. The manufacturer has an extensive control over the conditions during the forging process so he can add desired features to the wheel.

The 335i Successor Hits the Streets in 2016

The BMW 3 Series can be described as a near-luxury model. It comes as a sedan, coupe, and convertible. Since its first launch with the 1977 model year, the iconic 3 Series has gone through 6 generations of production. Today, we’re going to compare 2 of the BMW 3 Series models – the BMW 335i and the BMW 340i. The new BMW 3-series 340i’s mid-cycle updates have made a good vehicle a little better than the previous BMW 3-series 335i. Knowing its performance-rrecord, we can’t help but showcase the defining characteristics.


The biggest differentiator from the BMW 335i Gran Turismo is the new engine. The company’s new 3.0-liter inline six engine, internally called the B58 replaces the outgoing N55 engine from the BMW 335i. With the engine change, the BMW 3-series model name changes from BMW 335i to BMW 340i xDrive Gran Turismo. Though similar in format, the new B58 belongs to BMW’s portfolio of modular-build engines. The modular engines stretch from 3 to 6 cylinders and encompass both diesel and gasoline engines. In fact, it’s a new 3.0-liter turbo with more power, and torque. The the B58 produces 320 horsepower, a 20 hp improvement over the outgoing 335i model. Peak torque is an impressive 330-lb-ft of torque (30 more than the previous model).

The turbocharger is a TwinPower twin scroll, part of BMW’s “EfficientDynamics” family, and manages to be both dramatic and discrete at the same time: a whole lot of extra grunt, but practically zero turbo lag. It’s hooked up to an optional (unflappable) 8-speed automatic gearbox, which can make the new 3-series Gran Turismo go hilariously, stupendously quickly. Paired with a 6-speed-manual, the B58 shaved a few-tenths off the 0-to-60 mph-time of the manual 335i model, returning a 4.8 second dash. This makes the BMW 340i model the fastest 3-series that money can buy, short of the all out M3.

The refinements to-the 340i’s chassis are slightly more modest. They include retuned rear dampers, stiffer front struts, and new programming for-the electrically-assisted steering. The results are-fairly incremental: The ride’s a bit more composed. Improved body-control makes for steadier, flatter cornering. Thankfully, the 340i Gran Turismo bounds better than the last car model. The electric power steering and revised suspension geometry make the 340i come alive where the 335i was numb and removed. The handling improvements combined with the new engine make the 340i model distinctly more fun on a back-road than its predecessor.


Other 340i model upgrades over the 335i are the re-designed headlights with optional full LED lighting, running lights, and turn signals which are standard. The rear has a new bumper, with sharper and more dynamic LED taillights. The rear-end also gets more sculpted, with clearly defined lines. On the 340i Gran Turismo, LED headlights, running lights and turn signals are standard and the rear has a new bumper and LED lights. The rest of-the changes include subtle fascia & lighting touches as well as various new trim-pieces throughout the cabin. BMW has also changed around lots of the option packages. A Track Handling package is currently on the option sheet. Automatic high beams and adaptive LED headlights are new options. Besides, adaptive LED headlights and automatic high beams are new options as well.
While there is a marginal increase in prices on 4-cylinder models, the 340i Gran Turismo costs about 2-grand more than the 2015 BMW 335i Gran Turismo, at $46,795 to start. The outgoing 2015 BMW 335i, was priced at $43,750.