Nerdy Car Accessories

In this world, every person has their own unique and different choice. Some people like trending things and some go out of the trend. The choice of a person depends on individual personality. Your own things such as a house, room, car define your choice and personality. So we can’t judge people for their choices. Right!

But here we are…..

So when we are talking about car accessories then it also depends on every individual personal choice. There is no problem to reveal your choice in public which might be nerdy for other people. 

Here some of the nerdy car accessories that we are going to talk now:

Eject Button

I guess you are wondering, “what is this?” So let me tell you this button actually exists. By using this button not in real life but in an imaginary way you can feel the experience of ejecting yourself. There are people in this world who actually using this in fascination.

Starry Atmosphere lights

Star in the sky is the most amazing and overwhelmed thing that we have. But imagine one, that your car is full of star lights and the lights are changing from time to time. You can enjoy this mesmerizing view by using a small size projector that needs a USB connection, that’s it.

Car gap organizer

If you are in a car and you want to place a phone in a safe zone then you can attach this in-car gap organizer. In this car gap organizer, you can store multiple things like coins, credit/debit cards, etc. It can fit easily and also comes with two USB hubs, what else you want!!!

Toy Headrest Pillow

We can use the different toys for our car interior to look good which can be soft or hard. During free time you can play with your headrest pillow and if you are a person who loves to talk with toys then this thing you can do with it.

Totoro Seat Belt Covers

Are you a fan of Totoro? Then these seat belts are definitely for you! When it comes to safety the first thing that comes in our mind i.e. seat belts. You can give different look to your regular seat belt by attaching the Totoro seat belt cover.  

What’s on your list?