The Importance of Paint Protection Films

No matter what type of car you drive, it is certain that you care about how it looks. Sadly, the sand, bug splatter, pebbles, rocks and road debris that your car face on your daily drive don’t care about this at all. If you offer them sufficient time, they’ll do quite a good job on your vehicle’s paint. Fortunately, the owners who are serious about protecting their cars’ paint have some cost-effective options at their disposal.The best way to protect the paint of your vehicle is installing paint protection film. It is a clear, thin and transparent thermoplastic urethane that is applied on various portion of the vehicle in order to give strong and effective paint protection to the vehicle against the damages that are often caused by sands, gravels, small rocks, stone chips, road debris and all. There are various types of paint protection film that car owners can look for if they want to maintain the value of their vehicle for several years. One such film includes Clear Bra paint protection film.

How Does Paint Protection Film Work?

The Atlanta Paint protection film, also called the “Clear Bra” is a clear, high-gloss thermoplastic urethane film, used to protect your car from scratches, chips, road debris and, other elements by being applied to the paint on new or used vehicles. Presently, it is being used on other vehicles such as RV’s, boats, planes, motorcycles, and ATV’s. You can also notice it on mobiles, screens, and other electronic devices. Clear Bra Film comes with an ultra-violet inhibitor to prevent any yellowing of the surface, because of sun exposure.

What’s in a PPF?

Atlanta Paint protection film is the most popular and affordable solutions for preventing paint scratches. Not all automotive paint protection brands are created equal. Since every car enthusiast has a slightly different approach to the subject, it’s significant to note that the protection film offers some of these most significant benefits:


1. Matchless durability that keeps your car looking like new for many years to come
2. Paint protection film (PPF) provides chemical resistance to corrosive agents and solvents
3. A nationwide warranty that protects your film no matter what the condition
4. Self-healing technology that automatically repairs minor scratches and scrapes over the time
5. As it is invisible, it won’t change or modify the original design and color of your car

How to Reduce Scratches and Dings?

Of course, paint protection film isn’t the only option to ensure that your car remains scratch resistant for a long period of time. These consist of:

1. Do not attach foreign objects to your vehicle
2. Park away from heavy foot or vehicle traffic
3. Use touch-up paint when you see the first sign of a scratch

It’s also crucial to note that cleaning and proper maintenance are vital for any serious car owner. Taking time out of your day to visit the car wash each week can go a long way towards preserving the vehicle value.


While it might include some high-tech films, keeping your car looking like new isn’t exactly rocket science. There is a range of paint protection films that fight off those horrible scratches and preserve your car’s value long after similar models start looking their age. Look into paint protection film today to raise your car value.

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