Types of Window Tint

Types of Window Tint

Windows tint is mostly related to vehicles. To protect from daylight and dangerous UV rays we use one film on the window is known as Window Tint. This protects our vehicle window from dangerous shining lights. This tint is not only useful in the vehicle but also used in the building’s window.

Applying tinting to cars, it is directly related to the driver’s comfort when he drives the vehicle. For safety purposes, every owner gets a tint to the window for their vehicle. One of the most important reasons for tinting is privacy.

If the idea of car tinting is in your mind then you should be aware of its benefits i.e. it balances the inside temperature of the vehicle, it is also a good choice for privacy and security to your vehicle. Depending on your budget you can decide your tinting degree of darkness. 

There are different types of tinting available in the market:

Hybrid Window Tint

Hybrid Window Tinting is the best as it has a protective shield of strong material i.e. adhesive and hard coat. As a result, you will get the long-time durability and effective UV blocking qualities. It adds a natural look to your window.

Dyed Window Tint

Usually, window tint prefers by most of the people. It does not only seal the half percent of the daylight but also absorbs complete heat into the glass. The dyed window is made up of polyester film material which makes it very effective and non-reflective.

Ceramic Tinting Tint

Ceramic and metalized tint both are almost the same. But only one difference i.e. ceramic film uses non-conductive ceramic particles as the metalized film uses metal particles. During the maximum visibility ceramic block up to half solar heat during the day as well as in the night. Its cost is too high but still, it is worthy as compared to other tinting options.

Metalized Window Tint

It is made up of several protective shields that have the ability to reflect 40% of sunlight and prevent your window from extra heat. In danger, the metal particles play the role of safeguard and it protects you from broken glass. Due to the metal used in it, there is a possibility of interfering with the GPS signal, mobile signal, etc. 

Carbon tinting film

Carbon Tinting won’t fade away and it is the darker film than any other film. It does not hold any metal material so there is no need to worry about radio interference. Carbon Tinting is very expensive and has a very long life.

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